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Fun facts about sheep you probably didn’t know

Sheep are essential land animals that have been domesticated by humans for years. They are closely related to goats, but are usually stockier. Also, Sheep’s horns are more divergent, and the males lack the beards of goats.

It may interest you to know that male sheep are called rams; the females are ewes, while the young ones are lambs. But how much do you really know about these animals? Here are some fun facts about sheep that will make you appreciate them even more.

Fun facts about sheep

1. Sheep have an excellent sense of smell. They have scent glands on their face and on their hind feet, which help mothers to identify their babies through their unique scent.

2. Sheep are intelligent creatures that have the ability to recognize other sheep, even when they’re apart for years. They can also recognize human faces. It’s also worth mentioning that these animals are capable of solving problems; they have IQ levels similar to cattle, and are as clever as pigs.

3. Sheep are ruminants. This denotes any hoofed animal that digests food in two steps. They first eat the raw materials and regurgitate a semi-digested form known as “cud,” then they chew the cud. Moreover, sheep usually have four parts in their upper digestive tract called four-chamber stomach.

Fun facts about sheep

4. Sheep have peripheral vision. Their rectangular pupils allow them to have a 270 to 320 degree field of vision. This means that they can see almost everything around them, except for what’s directly behind them, without having to turn their heads. This is especially useful for sheep as they are a prey species and need to always be on the watch for predators.

5. Sheep milk has higher levels of calcium, vitamins A, B and E, protein, higher levels of fat, riboflavin, zinc, niacin. Female sheep (ewes) do not produce milk constantly. Rather, they produce milk during the 80–100 days after lambing.

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