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Fun Facts About Sweden

Sweden is a fascinating country that is known for its natural beauty, progressive society, and rich culture. But how much do you really know about this Scandinavian nation? In this article, we will share with you 20 fun facts about Sweden that will surprise you and make you want to visit this amazing country.

1. Sweden is the fourth largest country in Europe.

By land area, covering about 450,000 square kilometers. It is also the fifth largest country in Europe by population, with over 10 million people living there.

2. Sweden has one of the lowest population densities in the World.

It has one of the lowest population densities in the World, with only 25.5 people per square kilometer. Most of the population lives in urban areas, which account for only 1.5% of the land area.

3. Sweden is a country of royalty and nobility.

Sweden has a long history of monarchy, dating back to the 10th century. The current royal family belongs to the House of Bernadotte, which was founded by a French general who became the king of Sweden in 1818. The current king is Carl XVI Gustaf, who married a German commoner named Silvia Sommerlath in 1976. They have three children: Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip, and Princess Madeleine. Sweden also has a nobility, which consists of about 30,000 people who have titles such as count, baron, or knight.

4. Sweden has a unique right for its people called “the freedom to roam”.

It means that people have the right to access all public and private land that is not cultivated or fenced, and can camp, hike, bike, or pick berries, flowers, and mushrooms without a permit.

5. Sweden is a country of food and drinks.

Some of the most typical dishes are meatballs, gravlax, smörgåsbord, and kanelbullar. Meatballs are made of minced meat, bread crumbs, and spices, and served with gravy, lingonberry jam, and mashed potatoes. Gravlax is cured salmon with dill and mustard sauce. Smörgåsbord is a buffet of cold and hot dishes, such as herring, cheese, ham, and eggs. Kanelbullar are cinnamon buns with sugar and cardamom.

Swedish food

6. Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy.

The current king is Carl XVI Gustaf, who has been on the throne since 1973. He has no political power, but is a symbolic figurehead and a representative of the country. The head of government is the prime minister, who is elected by the parliament.

7. Sweden is one of the most gender-equal countries in the world.

It has a high female participation rate in the labor force, politics, and education. It also offers generous parental leave policies, with 480 days of paid leave per child, which can be shared by both parents.

8. Sweden is a leader in innovation and technology.

It is home to many global companies, such as IKEA, Volvo, Spotify, H&M, Ericsson, and Skype. It also has a high number of Nobel laureates, with 32 prizes in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and economics.

9. Sweden is a country of culture and creativity.

It has a rich literary tradition, with famous authors such as Astrid Lindgren, August Strindberg, and Selma Lagerlöf. It also has a vibrant music scene, with genres ranging from pop to metal. Some of the most popular Swedish artists are ABBA, Roxette, Avicii, and Zara Larsson.

10. Sweden is a country of festivals and celebrations.

Some of the most important ones are Midsummer, Lucia, and Walpurgis Night. Midsummer is celebrated on the longest day of the year, with dancing, singing, and eating herring and potatoes. Lucia is celebrated on December 13, with girls wearing white dresses and candles on their heads. Walpurgis Night is celebrated on April 30, with bonfires, fireworks, and singing.

11. Sweden is a country of sports and outdoor activities.

Some of the most popular sports are ice hockey, football, skiing, and golf. Sweden has won over 600 medals at the Olympic Games, with most of them coming from winter sports. Some of the most famous Swedish athletes are Björn Borg, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Ingemar Stenmark, and Annika Sörenstam.

Cycling in Sweden

12. Sweden is one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly countries in the world.

It recycles over 99% of its household waste and aims to be fossil-fuel free by 2045. It also has the world’s first electrified road that can charge electric vehicles as they drive.

13. Sweden is a country of coffee and sweets.

Swedes are among the biggest coffee consumers in the world, with an average of 3.2 cups per day. They also have a tradition of fika, which is a social break with coffee and cake. Swedes also love candy, especially licorice and chocolate. They consume about 17 kilograms of candy per person per year.

14. Sweden is a country of design and fashion.

Swedes are known for their minimalist and functional style, which can be seen in their furniture, architecture, and clothing. Some of the most famous Swedish designers are Greta Magnusson Grossman, Bruno Mathsson, and Josef Frank. Some of the most famous Swedish fashion brands are Acne Studios, Filippa K, and Cheap Monday.

15. Sweden is a country of education and research.

Swedes have one of the highest levels of education in the world, with 91% of adults having completed upper secondary education and 47% having completed tertiary education. Sweden also invests heavily in research and development, with 3.3% of its GDP going to this sector. Some of the most notable Swedish inventions are the dynamite, the pacemaker, the zipper, and the Tetra Pak.

16. Sweden is a country of peace and neutrality.

Sweden has not been involved in any wars since 1814, when it fought against Norway. The country has also maintained a policy of neutrality since the 19th century, which means that it does not join any military alliances or participate in any armed conflicts. Sweden is also a strong supporter of human rights, democracy, and international cooperation. It is one of the largest donors of foreign aid in the world, with 1% of its GDP going to this cause.

Fun facts about Sweden

17. Sweden is a country of languages and diversity.

Swedes speak Swedish, which is a North Germanic language that is closely related to Danish and Norwegian. They also learn English at school, and many of them speak it fluently. Sweden also has several minority languages, such as Finnish, Sami, Romani, and Yiddish. It is also a multicultural country, with about 20% of its population having a foreign background. Some of the largest immigrant groups are from Finland, Syria, Iraq, and Poland.

18. Sweden is a country of islands and bridges.

Sweden has over 220,000 islands, which vary in size, shape, and climate. Some of the most famous ones are Gotland, Öland, and Stockholm archipelago. Sweden also has some impressive bridges, such as the Öresund Bridge, which connects Sweden and Denmark, and the Vasabron, which is the oldest bridge in Stockholm.

19. Sweden is a country of music and literature.

Sweden has a rich musical heritage, with genres ranging from folk to pop. Some of the most famous Swedish composers are Carl Michael Bellman, Wilhelm Stenhammar, and Hugo Alfvén. Some of the most famous Swedish singers are Jenny Lind, Jussi Björling, and Birgit Nilsson. Sweden also has a rich literary heritage, with genres ranging from poetry to crime. Some of the most famous Swedish poets are Gustaf Fröding, Karin Boye, and Tomas Tranströmer. Some of the most famous Swedish writers are Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell, and Jonas Jonasson.

20. Sweden has over 90,000 lakes and 3,000 kilometers of coastline.

It also has over 29 national parks that feature its vast boreal forests, glaciers, and mountains. The most famous animal in Sweden is the moose, which can be found in the wild or in moose parks.

Lake in Sweden

Sweden is a country that has many fun and unique facts that make it a great destination for travelers, learners, and adventurers. It is a country that combines natural beauty, cultural diversity, social progress, and technological innovation. The Scandinavian country has a rich history, a vibrant present, and a bright future. Whether you are interested in its scenery, its people, its music, its literature, or its inventions, Sweden has something for everyone. Sweden is a country that you should definitely visit and explore.

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