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10 majestic birds that sing at night

When we think of birdsong, we often imagine the cheerful melodies that greet us during the day. However, there is a whole other world of avian vocalizations that take place after the sun sets. In this article, we will explore ten fascinating birds that sing at night. These nocturnal singers have adapted to their unique environments and developed captivating calls that resonate through the darkness.

10 majestic birds that sing at night

Eastern Whip-poor-will:

The Eastern Whip-poor-will is a well-known night singer in North America. Its distinctive call, which sounds like its name being repeated over and over again, can be heard in forests and woodlands during spring and summer nights.

Common Poorwill:

Found in western North America, the Common Poorwill is known for its soft, repetitive song that resembles a gentle purring sound. This bird’s nocturnal serenades are often associated with warm summer evenings.

Tawny Owl:

Native to Europe and parts of Asia, the Tawny Owl is renowned for its haunting hoots that echo through forests at night. Its deep “hoo-hoo-hoo” call adds an air of mystery to moonlit landscapes.

Northern Mockingbird:

While primarily known for its daytime mimicry skills, the Northern Mockingbird also sings during moonlit nights. Its repertoire includes imitations of other bird species as well as unique melodies it creates on its own.

Sedge Warbler:

The Sedge Warbler is a small passerine bird found in Europe and Asia with a delightful song that can be heard both day and night during breeding season. Its varied notes create a beautiful symphony amidst reed beds.

Barking Owl:

Native to Australia, the Barking Owl lives up to its name with vocalizations resembling barks or dog-like howls during nighttime hours. These calls serve as territorial displays and communication between mates.

Little Owl:

The Little Owl, found in Europe, Asia, and North Africa, is known for its distinctive “kiew” call that can be heard during the night. This small owl’s vocalizations are often associated with rural landscapes.

Rufous Nightjar:

The Rufous Nightjar is a bird native to South America that sings at night with a unique churring sound. Its rhythmic calls create an enchanting atmosphere in tropical forests and grasslands.

Mottled Owl:

Residing in Central and South America, the Mottled Owl is recognized for its deep hoots that resonate through the night. These owls are often heard near dense forests or open woodlands.

European Nightjar:

As its name suggests, the European Nightjar is a nocturnal bird found across Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. Its distinctive churring song fills summer nights with an ethereal ambiance.


While we may associate birdsong with daylight hours, these ten birds prove that there is much more to discover when it comes to avian vocalizations at night. From haunting hoots to melodic churrs, these nocturnal singers add a touch of magic to our evenings and remind us of the diverse beauty found within nature’s symphony after dark.

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